South Mountain Vet Clinic

3636 E. Ray Road
Phoenix, AZ 85044


Our Staff


Dr. Eva Beyer holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University and the University of Wisconsin - Madison. A midwesterner by birth, Dr. B loves her adopted home of Arizona, where she has lived for the past eight years. Prior to becoming a vet, she worked as a herpetologist (an expert in reptiles) on the tropical island of Saipan, conducted reproductive research on a rhino named George at the Madison Zoo and served an externship at the famed San Diego Zoo's Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species and the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. She has four cats, Chai, Penelope, Butch, and Sundance, and is a favorite auntie to Ian, Dejan, Julie, and Benjamin. She has been adopted by Willie, our office dog. (He has his own page, so check him out!)


Emily is our veterinary assistant when she's not in college. Her day is made when there are puppies!

Jen is a cat fanatic. She has over 15 years experience helping out dogs and cats, and loves to give them all special attention.

Toni is our main receptionist. She'll be greeting you most days, and helps out with patient care when she can.