South Mountain Vet Clinic

Dr. Beyer has retired!

I’ve had a wonderful time helping you and your pets for the last 19 years. I pass the torch now to the caring vets at Family VetCare. They are a locally-owned clinic with three locations in the valley. Find the location nearest to you (link below). All records are at the Phoenix location (Ahwatukee) so you may need to allow them some time to transfer records if you visit another office.

Since retiring, I’ve been focusing on finding a new place to live – my time in the valley is up! I’m looking forward to some traveling throughout the US, conducting genealogical research and trying to find a new home. You can reach me at – but remember, I’m retired now, and work on a different time scale!

Family VetCare

All patients are welcome at Family VetCare of Phoenix. They have all records and are awaiting your call! 480-759-4800